Message from the President

Sohatsu`s goal is to innovate the tunnel ventilation into safer and more energy-sustainable system for the children and grandchildren.  Toward this goal, we are working closely with road and consulting companies for demand articulation, with research institution for science and new technology.  Sohatsu being a small company full of entrepreneurship, we define our unique and prime value in our ability of providing a ”global niche” product, which is outstanding among the competitors.  Jet-fan inverter panel (”JINV”) and ventilation control software such as feed forward cascade feedback ventilation control (”FCVC”) are as such global niche products.  Our business strategy has been to create a new market in ”smart tunnel ventilation” with our unique products JINV and FCVC, and to grow the new market by establishing collaborations worldwide with partners.
Sohatsu grows the ”smart tunnel ventilation” business in two (2) directions: a) To broaden product lines:JINV and FCVC are our core products.  We will continue to increase our value by improving products and designing new products.  We are currently selling our partners’ products:DTR in Scotland, Flir in Belgium, Listec and DURAG in Germany.  We will increase our sales of those partners’ product in Japan’s Market.  b) To grow our direct sales of JINV and FCVC geographically : we will explore our own direct sales in Asian countries such as Singapore, China, and Vietnam.  With our efforts in the two directions and our unique products/services, Sohatsu would like to contribute to tunnel system innovation for the better world of our children and grandchildren.

President Ichiro Nakabori

President Ichiro Nakabori

Introduces our company

Name of the company

Sohatsu Systems Laboratory

Company history

April, 2000 The business started in Kobe.
April, 2000 Founded with the capital JPY10M
August, 2000 The capital was increased from JPY10M to JPY20M.
September, 2000 Moved to a shared laboratory in Kobe Industrial Promotion Center.
December, 2001 The capital was increased from JPY20M to JPY35M.
May, 2005 Moved to 205, Aioi Building, 5-10-21, Aioi-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe.
May, 2006 Hyogo laboratory was established.
September, 2007 The capital was increased from JPY35M to JPY40M.
May, 2009 Received the best paper award at the International Tunnel Ventilation Symposium.
January, 2010 Factory moved from Hyogo to Port Island.
May, 2010 Moved to 612, Kobe International Business Center (KIBC). 5-5-2,
Minatojima-Minami, Chuo-ku, Kobe
April, 2013 Office moved from Port Island to Kobe San-no-miya.
January, 2013 Inverter jet-fan panel was registered KK-13001-A in NETIS.
January, 2015 Linear temperature sensor cable was registered KK-140022-A in NETIS.
March, 2015 Office moved from 2F to 3F.
July, 2015 Certified ISO 9001:2008
March, 2016 Received “No. 1 manufacturing award” from Hyogo Prefecture.
October, 2016 Certified “construction business permission” (Mechanical apparatus installation
construction trade and Electric machinery communication construction trade).


The President Ichiro Nakahori
Director Toshiaki Sakaguchi
Director Junichiro Ozawa
Director Shigeru Abe
Director Mariko Wakamatsu
Technical advisor Alan Vardy (Professor of Dundee university)
LINK:Dundee Tunnel Research
Advisor Yoshiyuki Tsutsumi


1 Management Consultant for research and development
2 Software development
3 Development of equipment control systems
4 Development of Internet application systems
5 Planning of equipment for road systems
6 Equipment planning for waterworks and sewages
7 Marketing research
8 Technology research
9 Translation of Technical papers

Where is our company

Sohatsu Systems Laboratory Inc.

San-nomiya Denden Bldg,
64, Naniwa-machi, Chuo-ku Kobe, 650-0035 ,Japan
TEL:(0)78-325-3220 FAX:(0)78-325-3221